Thursday, October 21, 2010

【槟城美食】QB Mall Neway Buffet - 有的吃有的喝还有得唱o(>﹏<)o

其实没想过weekday night回来唱K的,可是由于小晶参加比赛的关系所以她来练歌,我就来mum mum咯^^ 普通weekday(Mon-Thurs)是收费RM28++一人,每两人就charge一个titbits,RM11++,每人两杯水和buffet任吃。当晚两人消费是RM77,总共可以唱超过四个小时。(如果11点后没什么人,neway会开放给你唱到你beh tahan为止)
Actualluy I never thought that I will come for K in weekday but due to my bb going to have a competition, so I take her her to practice. Normal weekday which is Mon-Thurs, Neway charge RM28++/head, any 2 person charge one titbits cost RM11++. The charges include a buffet & 2 drinks. We can sing for 4hours during that section but normally they will let u sing until u cannot tahan...=P

The drinks choices quite a lot, fruit juice,bubble tea,soya,kampai or beer also have. Below are the drinks menu.

这是我和小晶点的第一杯水,我点了blackcurrant kampai,小晶点了玫瑰花茶,很香下的。
I ask for Kampai for my 1st drink and my bb order for Rose Tea.

The buffet food range is quite wide, is can be compatible with the hotel buffet. From chicken, duck, fish, salad, beef, dessert, cake until scallop also have. The taste is just normal but I think almost like any hotel buffet outside.
This is "niao chu hun", roast duck, chicken chop & Japanese Tofu.
This is fried rice, fried fish, fish ball & dumplings. The fried rice is tasty, i like it very much.
Blackpepper chicken chop, cheese pasta, crab ball & steam egg.
There is a small sushi counterbeside the buffet corner, although the sushi looks bad but quite tasty. Quite a pity the sushi sifu need to sit at a small corner to make the sushi. But there is a condition that every people only can max take 3pcs sushi each time.
这些都是部分甜品,有巧克力蛋糕、cream puff、小蛋糕、布丁还有那个乱乱黑黑一粒的,类似蛋糕酱,好吃下。。。
The dessert I take have choc cake, small cake, cream puff, pudding & choc ball.
For me, Neway Buffet is worth for price which can having a fun k + can eat all u can. The buffet is start from 6PM until 11pm.
For more details, pls refer previous review: QB Mall Neway - 尽情的K吧!!

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