Thursday, October 28, 2010

【食记贴士Yummy Tips】 Coupons - 超值优惠乱乱卖!!

New "Kang Tao" intro again lo. This time is which provided bundles of coupons selling that at least 50% cheaper than original price, in order to let everyone can enjoy food & service with lower price. It's not just provide coupons that related with foods but also have others coupons (previous deal) like printer refill, massage package, beauty package & etc. It will be more fantastic campaign & coupons will be having soon. Why the price is lower? There using community power to get the best deal to us.

1. 每次单项优惠会开放48-60小时,供大家购买此优惠卷。如下图,该网站有个倒数器倒数优惠截止。
Each time promotion, there will open for 48-60hours to let everyone purchase. As picture below, there will be a "Time Left to Buy" before the promotion ended.

2. 每次单项优惠都有限定最少购买人数,如果购买人数多于限定人数,此优惠就成功了;相反的,如果购买人数少于限定人数,此优惠就会取消。不过不必担心,就算取消了,你所付出的数额,还是会全数退还给您的。
Each promotion have a limit, if the purchase member > limit member, the deal is on; if the purchase member < limit member then the deal will be cancel. But if you already buy the coupon and the deal cancel, dont worry, will 100% refund the money to you. As picture below, the deal need at least 100 members but there is 517members bought the coupons, it means the deal will ON!!

3. 还是不放心吗?提供该优惠店主的电话,如果有什么问题可以咨询他们的。
If you not trusted the deal, you can directly contact the related deal owner.

4. 此优惠不限制购买数额,你一人要买10张带埋朋友一起去或者一人要独自享用10张都绝对没有问题。
There is no limit of coupons you can buy, if you want to buy 10coupons then bring along friends or you buy 10coupons and enjoy by yourself, also no problem.
5. 付款是预付方式,无论是visa或者master信用卡,或者online banking如maybank2u, cimb clicks, hong leong online, alliance bank, RHB bank online, Ambank online,又或者E-Wallet如MEPS Cash或Mobile Money甚至offline bank transfer就是利用maybank ATM转账都没有问题,是相当方便的。
The payment is very secure and easy, they provided credit card, online banking, E-Wallet or even offline bank transfer also no problems.

6. 不过购买前记得先注册成为会员,然后会发电邮给您,需要activate才可以使用和购买。
But before purchase, pls remember register as a member 1st, then will email you the activation link within 5minutes then just activate it and thats it.
7. 其他FAQ可以参考这里
Other FAQ can refer HERE.

今期热销的优惠卷是Wok's Restaurant,原价RM9.80的青东炎、牛肉面和肉骨茶,竟然只卖RM2.80,折扣高达72%,平时RM9.80还需付服务费,不过Rm2.80是已经包含服务费了,难以置信吧??截止我写这篇东东时,还剩下30小时的时间抢购此项优惠。
This week deal is Wok's restaurant, the Original price RM9.80 and just sell for RM2.80 here. There is 3 choice which is Green Tom Yam, Beef Noodle, Bat Kut Teh with rice. And there is no additional charges for this deal. Until now, left 30hours to grab the deal.

Just click here if you want to buy 大家如果要购买可以点入 ->

为何我会极力推荐呢?其实已经忘了第一次接触的经历了,之前促销过不少优惠(请参考这里槟城区以往的优惠),不过昨天是第一次购买,因为才Rm2.80罢了,可以去试试看顺便可以写写review嘛。预购后,我就推荐给同事,我同事也赶紧注册和预购。可是当我同事online转账时,银行shows已经转账了可是在他的私人页面无法显示已经购买。当时5点多接近放工时间了,同事唯有发电邮到 然后就匆匆回家了。不过之后我在线问everyday admin,结果他们和Woks负责人很快的在线回复了,并答应会尽快解决。结果第二天早上就解决了,界面也显示已经购买了。虽然我同事只是转账RM8.40罢了,可是他们办事能力真的是神速,这样也大大提高消费者对他们的信心了。
Why I so recommend This is due to my colleague had register and buy the deal 2days ago but when the online banking status show the payment is done, but the personal page at still not yet shows the coupons. My colleague email everyday admin and I also help my colleague to ask the admin online. The admin & Wok's owner response very fast and feedback they will check it. Within 12hours, my colleague get the coupons and feel very satisfy for their service. Although it's just RM8.40, but the service is very good and let the customer getting more trusted on them.

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