Tuesday, November 30, 2010

【槟城美食】Raja Uda Tom Yam [光华小学旁边]

已经好久没有来这里吃Tom Yam了,趁着从Alor Star回槟岛的途中,弯去Raja Uda缅怀一下那个酸酸辣辣还有放料放到自己爽的Tom Yam。其实在Raja Uda比较出名的有两档,而这档没有招牌但每晚都超好生意的,大家都称为“光华小学Tom Yam”。
Already long time didnt "pong chan" the Kwong Hwa Tom Yam d. Grab the opportunity from hometown to Penang, go to have a try. There is 2 famous Tom Yam stall at Raja Uda and this one due to no signboard so everyone just call "Kwong Hwa Tom Yam" and the business is SUPERB good.
每次来这里吃,起码都要等上半小时因为老板娘是一碗碗煮的,每次来到,这里桌上几乎都是超过30盘还在轮候。虽然等很久但等美食,等是值得的。不过很佩服老板娘马不停蹄的一直在煮tom yam,一个人两个锅全部靠她一人来煮。助手只是负责炸鱼块、煮面、take order和捧面罢了。。。
Everytime visit here, at least need to wait more than 30minutes due to the tauke soh cook one by one. And each time reach there, the table was full of plate with the ingredient. Although need to wait long but still plenty of people include me willing to wait. I quite admire the tauke soh cos she can cook non-stop under the HOT environment with all by herself.

 等美食的过程总是煎熬的,可是当满满一碗的Tom Yam上桌时,那个气味简直已经让人先流口水了。这里所有配料都是自己选的,最推荐的当然是炸鱼块啦,每次都拿个5-6片,而其他配料有鱼丸(5-6种类型)、肉丸(3-4种)、鲍鱼片、各种蘑菇、鱿鱼、猪肝、虾古肉、蟹柳、蟹丸、豆皮等等各种火锅料。面条方面只有cintan面和米粉两种选择,可是这里也有tom yam粥不过没试过。Tom Yam汤头方面虽然和正宗Tom Yam并不一样但是老板娘原创的口味绝对适合本地人口味,不会太辣太酸,但刚好刺激本地人味蕾。好像我以上的一碗,通常价位在RM7-9。没有一次来吃是超过RM10一碗的。
After waiting for a long hungry period by just looking at others Tom Yam, my Tom Yam is served!! The smell is making me drooling. All the ingredient is picking all by customer, the most recommended of course is the Fried Fish Meat and there is other steamboat ingredient like fish ball, meat ball, abalone mushroom piece, mushroom, squid, "Heh Ko Bak", pork liver, crab meat and many mores...And there is only Cintan Mee & Bihun for choices only and the Tom Yam Moi(porridge)here is quite famous too. The Tom Yam taste although not the same like Thai Origin Tom Yam but the taste is suitable with local people. The price like above normally cost RM7-9 based on what you choose the ingredients.


Add: Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang.(Beside SMJK Kwang Hwa)
Operation hours: 6pm - 12am (Closed on Wednesday)
GPS: 5°25'40.4" 100°22'59.4"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

【槟城美食】Louis Cafe Western Cuisine @ Argyll Road

带着foodmice voucher去了那么多间餐厅,还是第一次带人去吃而且是带远从Alor Star来的爸爸妈妈一起来吃^^
Louis Cafe是2008年12月开始营业的,这里寂静舒适的环境不但提供西餐还有各种小食甜品和啤酒。不但如此,2楼还有KTV房哦,只要超过15人在这里用餐,可以无限制使用KTV房哦。
After visiting a lot of restaurant with foodmice voucher, this is the 1st time visit with my parent from Alor Star.^^
Louis Cafe start operating biz on Dec 2008, this quiet & cozy environment cafe not only provided western cuisine but also finger foods, dessert & beer. 2nd floor also have KTV room as well, if you visit along with 15 friends, you can unlimited using the KTV system.

 门口有一贯是餐厅的作风,就是摆放餐牌和有个黑板大大个字写着促销活动。Set lunch才RM9.90,酱我午餐时间用这个voucher不就亏大了咯?
The cafe exterior is putting some info & on going promotion. The set lunch is just RM9.90.

Entering the cafe, the waitress serve us to our place & put the napkin for us. After order the food, I start "working" again. The decoration here is quite relaxing, although just some simple decoration but we can feel the cozy.

我们大约等了10分钟,食物就开始一起上桌了。而这次我特别没空因为要拍4份食物,而我们4人都是点set meal。每一份Set Meal原价RM21.90+,包括一杯饮料、一份Soup、一个主菜和一份甜品,这样套餐的价钱,蛮便宜了。如果想要享用特点主菜,可以另加RM7升级到特点主菜。
 After waiting about 10minutes, the drinks & soup serve 1st. This round I was been very busy due to I have 4 set meal that need to work out. Each set meal cost RM21.90+ include drinks, soup, maincourse & a dessert. The maincourse you can top up RM7 to signature or chef special.
Drinks have 4 choices which is Peach Tea, Lemon Tea, Green Tea & Black Coffee. Each of us ordering one selection. The Peach Tea & Lemon Tea just same with other restaurant served, taste OK. Jing order hot green tea and dad order the cold black coffee. No special comment for the drinks, just OK.

There is 3 choices for the soup include Pumpkin Soup, Mushroom Soup & Carrot Soup. Maybe my dad is not used to drink the western soup, he feel weird. Mum said the pumpkin soup is very nice, abit sweety. But after I taste 3 soup, found that mushroom soup have a lot of small piece mushroom, it taste different with other restaurant. The pumpkin soup and carrot soup not only colour is the same but the taste is quite similar too. There is a Baked Garlic Bread serve with those soup, the garlic bread smell good.

主菜上桌时我有点惊讶,因为小晶点的Fish Maryland和妈妈点的Fish Cordon Bleu怎么好大一块啊??而我和爸爸分别点的Baked Stuff Chicken和Grill Black Pepper Chicken怎么就那么小一块啊?不是应该鱼还贵过鸡的吗??鸡肉方面的呢,不过不失咯,没有特别能吸引到我而小晶点的Fish Maryland,炸鱼肉的面粉有点过厚,如果再薄一些就比较满意了。妈妈点的Fish Cordon Bleu就比较满意,不过如果芝士可以再多一点就完美了。每个主菜都有马铃薯泥,个人觉得牛油味有点过重了。最后小晶和妈妈的主菜都吃不完,我就帮他们顶下来了,看来我又肥多1KG了
When the maincourse served, I feel shock why the Fish Maryland & Fish Cordon Bleu is so BIG portion and the Baked Stuff Chicken & Grill Black Pepper Chicken was so tiny. No suppose fish is more expensive than chicken?? The chicken dishes taste OK and no special comment. But the fish is more attract me. They using a lot of flour to fried Fish Maryland, too thick for the flour skin. And I quite satisfy with Fish Cordon Bleu, but if the cheese could be add more then will be fantastic. And all maincourse serve with mash potato, the butter taste is quite heavy, not everyone can accept the taste. Due to the fish is big portion, I help them to clear it but my weight become more too...sigh...
我最喜欢cordon bleu就是有包ham和芝士,切下去芝士挤出来的感觉,赞!
I love Cordon Bleu so much due to when we cut the meat, the cheese juice is spread out, LIKE it!

Lastly, they serve 2 ice cream and 2 fruits as our dessert. I thought the food was food plate but just a tiny piece of watermelon.
And the ice cream is nestle ice cream, no comment on that.

临走前服务生给了我们这个圣诞套餐宣传单,RM39.90+,有兴趣的可以预定。如果用Vanilla Card就可以省下10%的服务费了。
Before we leave, the waiter pass us the Christmas Set Meal to us which cost RM39.90. If using Vanilla card, can save the 10% tax charge...

View Louis Cafe in a larger map

Add: 161-C Argyll Road 10050 Georgetown Penang.
Tel: 04-2287729,0124701666(Mdm Teoh)
Operation hours: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm (Closed on Tuesday)
GPS: 5°25'17.8" 100°19'50"

Monday, November 22, 2010

【槟城美食】Maa Roy Thai:泪流满面的一餐

在Krystal Point发现一共有3家泰国餐而这次造访的这家是真正的泰国老板+厨师所烹饪的泰国餐。我个人蛮喜欢吃泰国餐的,小晶更不在话下啦。
When we reach Krystal Point, we found there is 3 Thai Restaurant here, Maa Roy Thai is one of here. But Maa Roy Thai provide the original Thai food due to the tauke & the chef here are from Thailand. Thai food is one of my favorite.

门外有set lunch的banner,墙上挂着一个小黑板写着1-Oct开始,午餐套餐会送煎蛋卷、饮料和汤或甜品(选一),Set Lunch价钱都是RM9.90++罢了哦。。。
The banner at the doorside & little blackboard at interior wall shows start from 1-Oct, set lunch will free Omelet, drinks & Soup or Dessert. And the price just RM9.90++/set.
Set Lunch choice:
A. Bee Hoon Tom Yam Chicken
B. Fried Rice Roast Chillis
C. Casbew Nut with Chicken serve with rice
D. Dry Curry Fish with Rice
E. Pad Shee Ew (Thai Char Koay Teow)
F. Fried Rice Salted Fish
以上set lunch只限weekday罢了,很适合FTZ工作人士。The set lunch is very suitable for FTZ working people.】
当然除了套餐还有ala carte,价钱介于RM7-RM37,一般的泰式美食都可以在这里找到的哦。
Of course Except for set lunch, there is ala carte as well, price within RM7-RM37. All kind of Thai food can be found here too.

Due to we came for free meal again, Maa Roy Thai provide us 2 white rice, small seafood tomyam, Deep Fried Squid with Garlic, Morning Glory with Belacan & 2 drinks.
I pick Lime Juice【RM3】 for my drink & Jing pick the Lemongrass Juice 【RM2.80】.The lemongrass normally there will put in the tomyam as one of the spice and now become a drink, taste a bit weird.

This Thai style Appetizer, i think...? And the appetizer ate all by Jing cos cucumber is her favorite. She said the sambai very tasty but I didnt try it.

Due to there is no other customer during our visit, the dishes served very fast. This is Morning Glory with Belacan 【RM8】. Must becareful wor cos a lot of booby trap inside - tiny chillies, I accidentally ate a few piece, the result is...my tears drop non-stop. But the belacan taste very heavy, I like it!!

The RED RED tom yam is served, when you smell it, seems not spicy but after you taste a few spoon then you will know how spicy is it. The Seafood TomYam 【RM13】 have prawn, squid, fish meat & some mushroom. The result is, I cry again...

Wah...my favorite Deep Fried Squid with Garlic 【RM12】 is served. But the squid seems a bit soft but it fried until smell tasty.
Although 3 dishes served in small size but it's enough for 3persons to finish it.

View Maa Roy Thai Seafood in a larger map

Add: B303-1-27, Krystal Point, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: 04-6430752, 012-4069020
Operation hours: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm 
GPS: 5°19'53.8" 100°17'48.5"

温馨提醒:只要你加入Maa Roy Facebook Fans Page,到Maa Roy用餐时可以享有10%折扣哦。当然,用Foodmice的Vanilla Card也是可以得到10%折扣的。
Friendly Reminder: If you join Maa Roy Facebook Fans Page, when you dining here you can enjoy 10% discount. 10% discount also entitle for Foodmice Vanilla Card members.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

【槟城美食】i Tasty @ QB Mall 经济饱肚好味道

这是早前和小晶到QB逛逛时,想说省省吃就好就来到三楼Queens Food court。这里选择繁多最后选了台湾餐的iTasty,价钱介于 RM4.90-8.90之间,在mall里面算很便宜了。

促销期间芋香鸡扒、鱼扒汤面、柠檬鸡扒饭/面、柠檬鱼扒饭/面、台式刈包+酸辣汤一律是RM7.90而且只需topup RM3就可以得到一盘5粒的饺子或者酸辣汤。




 这是小晶在我order iTasty时跑去买的橙汁口味的雪花冰【RM4.50】。1年多前在100yen店尝过雪花冰后留下很好印象,至于这碗,可能雪花冰太绵,融化很快味道也没想象的好而且我不是很喜欢corn flakes和冰的结合所以不是很满意。

位置 Location:Queensbay Mall 3F, Queens Food Market. (鹤屋日式餐厅旁边 beside Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

【槟城美食】The Sire Museum:A Class Foods, Service & Ambiance

不懂的人一定很好奇为何我会推荐博物馆呢?其实这究竟是餐厅抑或博物馆呢? 其实这里前身是叶祖意博物馆,后来才翻修成为博物馆+餐厅。历史不多说啦,可以参考Penang Travel-Tips。会来到The Sire Museum Restaurant是为了庆祝小晶的生日,在这之前survey了很多餐厅,最终选择了这里。但看过很多foodblogger的文后,褒贬不一。褒的是说这里气氛佳、环境好;贬的是说这里食物不够美味。不过这里荣获A级餐厅的,食物再不好也有个限度吧所以要试过才知道。
Those who dont know, sure will confuse why I recommend a Museum? This is a restaurant or museum? Actually here is a museum for few decade ago and now become Museum Restaurant that famous around Heritage Area,for more details about House of Yeap Chor Ee can refer Penang Travel-Tips. The reason we here is to celebrate Jing's birthday. Before choosing here, I do some research for few restaurant and finally pick here. After I read for few foodblogger review, the conclusion is great ambiance & service but food is not tasty. But due to this is A Class restaurant, I believe the food wont very lousy lo.

The Sire Museum Restaurant 是A级餐厅哦!可是不懂有没AA或者S级呢?
The restaurant is A Class Restaurant but is it have AA or S Class?
After I walk through the corridor, I attract by this KING, anyone know what is the KING stand for? Guess it!

The waiter was very good manner and lead us to a 2 person seat. But quite disappointed cos I forgot to book for seat at upstairs. All the dining table have an oil lamp with an orchid as decoration, it's kinda romance feel.

Actually the time we came, the restaurant was full of people and above photo I shoot before we leave the restaurant. Is it very nice interior?

The restaurant behind was Yeap Chor Ee Museum, there is a notice board that shows not allow take photo but since it's not really prohibit, I just shoot whatever I like. Somemore, Jing become my model and we shoot a lot of photo here. For those who like to view Jing's Album, you can view from my facebook. =P

基本上不必order头盘也无所谓了因为餐厅会送上这个Cheese Baked Bread【FOC】,烤得有点焦焦的不过味道真的很赞!不过一人只得到一片,我略嫌不足咯
The restaurant will provide the Cheese Baked Bread for us as a starter, it's FOC. It's a bit char but taste is terrific. But each person get one piece only.

由于餐厅有提供一般的冷开水所以我只让小晶order了这杯Strawberry Smoothies【RM9.80】,味道还好罢了,不过不失。我倒比较满意提供的冷开水,他们在冷开水中放了一片柠檬,虽然白开水味道一样但有淡淡的柠檬香,很不错的点子。
Due to restaurant is provided Sky Juice so we only order one drink which is Strawberry Smoothies cost RM9.80/glass. The taste is just OK, not too sweet but not to say tasty. I satisfy for the Sky Juice cos they put a piece lemon inside the water, although it taste like normal plain water but it's have lemon smell.

头盘打算和小晶二人share share就让她点了,结果她点了这个Mussel Marina【RM16.80】,我可是不喜欢吃贝壳类的人结果被这寿星婆要我活生生吞下3粒蚌肉 不过蚌肉没有我想象中难入口,配合泰式酸辣烹调方式,味道盖过蚌肉的腥味让我不至于难以入口。
We share for the appetizer so I let birthday girl choose but she choose Mussel Marina cost RM16.80, I dont like to eat shell food but that birthday girl ask me to swallow half of the Mussel. But the Mussel is not taste fishy. The Thai style juice is a bit sour and it mix well with the mussel. Anyway, I still dont like Mussel. =P

在头盘上桌前,侍应会帮我们收起之前的所有餐具并换上新的一套,个人很满意这种五星服务 之后就先送上我的这份Mongolia Lamb【RM32.80】,食物的摆设很吸引人也很精致。我的sideline是沙律和薯仔,沙律就普通咯,酸酸甜甜而那个薯仔和一些香料和少量芝麻油一起搅拌制成的,香香很特别的味道。至于羊肉是羊腩肉,吃起来还真的有点像猪肉咧。酱料是番茄和香料熬制,虽然很浓可是相信是为了盖过羊骚味,吃多也不会腻,分量刚好,要是再多可能就会腻了。
Before the maincourse served, the waiter will help us to change new set of spoon & folk, I quite satisfy with the A Class service here, very worth to pay the service tax. My main-course serve 1st, I order for Mongolia Lamb cost RM32.80. The food presentation is attractive. The sideline provide is salad & mini potato, the salad taste just nice, nothing special but recommend the mini potato, it's mix with some spice & herbs become more tastier. The lamb taste like pork but it's suit for me. The sauce is mixture of tomato & herbs/spice, it taste heavy but I believe is to cover the lamb show. Conclusion is, I like the dishes.
The lamb meat looks tasty, right?
小晶点的是Grill Triyaki Salmon【RM40.80】,当天的三文鱼很鲜,不像传言般说这里海鲜不新鲜。三文鱼的皮考得有点焦焦的可是肉汁还保持着,有点考功夫咯。马铃薯泥和沙律就没什么特别。
Jing order Grill Teriyaki Salmon cost RM40.80, the salmon was fresh and not like some foodblogger mention the seafood here was not fresh. The salmon skin grill till a bit char but the salmon meat still very juicy. The sideline is mashed potato & salad, nothing special.

The salmon meat is still toughness, very originality.

这蛋糕不是The Sire出品哦,是我在May Flower特别订制的钥匙蛋糕,配合小晶21岁可以步入成年人的阶段了。这里要特别推荐May Flower,老板的服务好好啊,而且收着单据在3个月内买超过RM200就有10%折扣哦。不过当晚蛋糕折腾太久,开始融化了,钥匙也跌下来了
The cake not serve by The Sire, but I'm order it from May Flower locate at Chai Leng Park, Prai. Very special Key Cake, right? Here want to recommend May Flower too, the service was very good and we can order what ever design we wish to. If purchase >RM200 within 3months at May Flower, you will get a 10% discount. But due to the cake not put in the fridge, it's start melting. But luckily Jing still enjoy the birthday cake.
Total bill of that night is RM110.20 include service tax. Maybe because the restaurant at Heritage Area, no government tax charged.

View The Sire Museum Restaurant in a larger map

Add: 4, King Street, Georgetown 10200 Penang (back entrance)
or No. 4 Penang Street, 10200 Penang (front entrance)
Tel: 04-2645088
Operation hours: 1130am-3pm and 6pm-1030pm (Close on Sunday)   
GPS: 5°25'12.6" 100°20'29.4"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

【槟城美食】U-Soya Tau Fu Fah - 滑溜溜的豆花

注:以下照片是用我的5730XM拍罢了,不美勿见怪。Below Photo is using my 5730XM taken, hope you dont mind if not nice enough.

Actually U-Soya just near by Jing's house, I try twice before but no recommended last time. Today bring my colleague to try how smooth is it.

Me & K order Red Bean Tau Fu Fah, Big Red Bean is my favourite, of course order this la. The red bean very soft and the Tau Fu Fah smooth until can directly slip into your stomach. It just cost RM1.80.

Collegue T order Almond Tau Fu Fah, I haven't try this before cos I dont like almond. This cost RM1.80 too but if "da bao" will be a bit expensive but bigger portion.

其实还有很多味道如普通白糖口味,花生口味,巧克力口味,Pandan口味等。还有卖很多小食如muffin,nasi lemak,油炸鬼,ham chim pheng等,价钱会比一般小贩卖的贵一点点咯。不过我们没特赖啦。。。
Actually there is plain flavour, peanut flavour, choc flavour, Pandan flavour etc. And there selling some food too like muffin, Nasi lemak. You Tiao, Ham Chim Pheng, but it will a bit expensive compare with normal stall.

View U-Soya in a larger map

 Add: Bangunan Lip Sin, 2-G-9, Lebuh Pekaka Satu, 11700 Gelugor, Penang. (Opposite Tesco Extra)
Tel: 04-6571459
Biz Hour: 11am - 10pm (Mon - Fri), 9am - 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday) (Close on 1st & 3rd Wed of the month)
GPS: 5°20'57.2" 100°17'38.2"