Tuesday, November 30, 2010

【槟城美食】Raja Uda Tom Yam [光华小学旁边]

已经好久没有来这里吃Tom Yam了,趁着从Alor Star回槟岛的途中,弯去Raja Uda缅怀一下那个酸酸辣辣还有放料放到自己爽的Tom Yam。其实在Raja Uda比较出名的有两档,而这档没有招牌但每晚都超好生意的,大家都称为“光华小学Tom Yam”。
Already long time didnt "pong chan" the Kwong Hwa Tom Yam d. Grab the opportunity from hometown to Penang, go to have a try. There is 2 famous Tom Yam stall at Raja Uda and this one due to no signboard so everyone just call "Kwong Hwa Tom Yam" and the business is SUPERB good.
每次来这里吃,起码都要等上半小时因为老板娘是一碗碗煮的,每次来到,这里桌上几乎都是超过30盘还在轮候。虽然等很久但等美食,等是值得的。不过很佩服老板娘马不停蹄的一直在煮tom yam,一个人两个锅全部靠她一人来煮。助手只是负责炸鱼块、煮面、take order和捧面罢了。。。
Everytime visit here, at least need to wait more than 30minutes due to the tauke soh cook one by one. And each time reach there, the table was full of plate with the ingredient. Although need to wait long but still plenty of people include me willing to wait. I quite admire the tauke soh cos she can cook non-stop under the HOT environment with all by herself.

 等美食的过程总是煎熬的,可是当满满一碗的Tom Yam上桌时,那个气味简直已经让人先流口水了。这里所有配料都是自己选的,最推荐的当然是炸鱼块啦,每次都拿个5-6片,而其他配料有鱼丸(5-6种类型)、肉丸(3-4种)、鲍鱼片、各种蘑菇、鱿鱼、猪肝、虾古肉、蟹柳、蟹丸、豆皮等等各种火锅料。面条方面只有cintan面和米粉两种选择,可是这里也有tom yam粥不过没试过。Tom Yam汤头方面虽然和正宗Tom Yam并不一样但是老板娘原创的口味绝对适合本地人口味,不会太辣太酸,但刚好刺激本地人味蕾。好像我以上的一碗,通常价位在RM7-9。没有一次来吃是超过RM10一碗的。
After waiting for a long hungry period by just looking at others Tom Yam, my Tom Yam is served!! The smell is making me drooling. All the ingredient is picking all by customer, the most recommended of course is the Fried Fish Meat and there is other steamboat ingredient like fish ball, meat ball, abalone mushroom piece, mushroom, squid, "Heh Ko Bak", pork liver, crab meat and many mores...And there is only Cintan Mee & Bihun for choices only and the Tom Yam Moi(porridge)here is quite famous too. The Tom Yam taste although not the same like Thai Origin Tom Yam but the taste is suitable with local people. The price like above normally cost RM7-9 based on what you choose the ingredients.


Add: Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang.(Beside SMJK Kwang Hwa)
Operation hours: 6pm - 12am (Closed on Wednesday)
GPS: 5°25'40.4" 100°22'59.4"


  1. 其实这一档的tomyam我一直很想去try leh..可是真的太远了。。呜呜

  2. 哈哈,你们Island人都不喜欢跑去mainland的啦。。。所以你还是乖乖看照片好了=P

  3. 你竟然把他的tomyam拍到那么好吃=.=不过啊~不是close on wednesday。是看心情开的,唉