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【槟城美食】Roadhouse Grill - YeeHaaa! Howdy Folks!?


为何会来到这里了?基本上因为成为这个月foodmice的guest writer咯,之前的Sa Rang Chae和这间都是这个月必须交差给foodmice的功课。不过发觉这里很少foodblogger推荐,有去google搜索一下,大牌foodblogger都不曾推荐,唯有我这个小牌的来推荐咯
The reason I'm here is due to I'm become the guest writer of the month for Foodmice, include Sa Rang Chae review preciously and this restaurant, still have 2 restaurant going to write in Nov. I found that not much details or review after i google-ing, none of famous foodblogger reviewed here, so let me this tiny foodblogger to grab the responsible to reviewed it =P


The Uncle Cowboy need to standing and handed the Menu 7days/week. Tired huh,

进到road house grill才发觉原来这里是西部牛仔主题的餐厅,也发觉很多外国人来这里喝酒吃花生。打从我们踏入门口,发现门旁有一大桶和一大包的花生,而我们的开胃菜就是用一个铁桶装着花生,不过我们没什么吃到花生,因为单单吃接下来要介绍的两道maincourse已经让我们饱到无法动弹了。 先看看以下让我几乎忽略食物上桌的餐厅摆设哦,真的太多太多让我拍个不停的摆设了,连服务生都告诉小晶说我拍照好了,不用吃了。。。
The time we step in Roadhouse zone, saw there is some foreign tourist hang out here for some beer & groundnuts. The momment we step inside the restaurant, we saw there is a BIG cask full of groundnuts. Let's see what I have shoot for the interior design.

一踏进餐厅,有一点可能有些人不是很能接受的事情,就是满地都是花生壳 不过我觉得这样才有那种牛仔pub的风味嘛。对于西餐爱好者,直接飞去看肯定让你们垂涎三尺的美食吧,每份都超超大份的说。
There is something that maybe some people cannot accepted which is you will found that the floor was a lot of groundnuts shell all over the floors. But I think that is the style for this Cowboy Restaurant.
A big bucket of groundnuts for titbits, FOC but I just ate 2 pieces only.

开餐前还有个馒头(Yeastroll - RM0.60/pcs)陪牛油让我们预先开胃,也是FOC而且热烘烘+小甜的哦,加上牛油更加美味啦!
The Appertizer is a Yeastroll which cost RM0.60/pcs normally but here we FOC. The taste a bit sweet & a bit HOT when it served.

This is the Menu, from Appertizer until Dessert also have, there is bundle of choice, the price range as below:
Appetizer RM8.90 - RM13.90
Soups RM6.90 - RM8.90
Salad RM7.90 - RM17.90
Steak RM32.90 - RM40.90
Hot of the Grill RM27.90 - RM35.90
Seafood RM20.90 - RM35.90
Chicken RM20.90 - RM23.90
Le Pas'te RM16.90 - RM30.90
Pizza RM16.90 - RM20.90 
(个人觉得比Pizza Hut便宜和吸引)
Burgers n Sandwiches 一律RM17.90
Sides RM0.60 - RM7.90
For the Kids RM5.90 - RM13.90
Dessert RM6.90 - RM10.90
Drinks RM3.80 - RM25.90
这里除了一般啤酒,还提供wine,一杯RM20++,直接来一瓶就RM100++,另外有5course dinner set RM49++/set。
Except beer, they served Wine too, RM20+/glass or RM100+/bottle. And there is 5course dinner too which cost RM49+/person.

由于当晚只有我们两位客人用正餐,其余都是在outdoor喝酒所以上菜速度真的神速,那时我都还没拍过瘾咧。不过看到食物的分量我就 -> , 怎么那么大一份啊!??
Due to whole restaurant only both of us having a dinner only, they served the food very fast, I even not shoot much photo yet. But when I saw the food portion, huh!? Why so big portion?
首先说说小晶的【Catch of the Day - RM26.90】,鱼肉是Dory Fish。不过你有试过那一间餐厅提供这么大片有厚的鱼肉吗?简直是用来serve外国人的分量嘛!!不过不要以为大块就不好吃,鱼腥味没有,黑胡椒搭配柠檬汁+Tar Tar Sauce,赞!Sideline除了一定有的蔬菜以外,还可以另选baked, sweet, fried or mashed potato。所谓Baked就是煨番薯、Sweet就是蒸(紫色)日本番薯、Fried就是炸薯条还有Mashed就是如小晶点的马铃薯泥。马铃薯泥虽然不是很泥但味道就对是独特的。
Catch of the Day - RM26.90, the fish was Dory Fish. Did you ever see any restaurant served a Dory fish with large & thick piece? I think because they normally served western tourist so the portion was big. The taste was perfect with black pepper, lemon juice & Tar Tar sauce and it's not fishy after grill. There is 4 potato sideline to choose which is Baked, Sweet, Fried or Mashed. Jing choose Mashed Potato, you can get the same taste at any other restaurant, it's unique. Want to know how unique? Go and have a try la...=P
这份照片看起来很小是不是?不过如果你有看过市面上卖的肉鸡,这绝对是半只肉鸡,真的超大一盆(这里不适宜用一盘)我还是第一次吃西餐用了我整半小时多时间。味道方面,淋在鸡肉上的酱汁是融合香料、黑胡椒、薯仔和灯笼椒熬制。Sideline方面我选了炸薯条,薯条是比较粗的,绝对在一般超市找不到的,就连提供的番茄汁也是这里独家炮制,虽然水水的但番茄味道绝对不失正宗番茄酱味道。对了,我这“盆”鸡的名堂是【Grill Mexicana Half Chicken - RM23.90】
The portion looks just nice in photo, right? But actually it was BIG, it's half chicken which the chicken was BIG size chicken, not the "anak ayam". It's the first time I used up more than half hour to finished the maincourse. The taste was terrific and the mexicana sauce mixed up with black pepper, potato, herbs & Bell Pepper. Sideline I choose Fried Potato which different with ordinary French Fries, it's thicker. And this is 【Grill Mexicana Half Chicken - RM23.90】

还有的就是我们order的两杯free flow Ice Lemon Tea(RM6.90),不过当晚我们没free flow到因为单单这么一杯已经好大一杯了。其实这里很适合一班朋友来喝酒或者叫这free flow饮料喝(汽水也是free flow)。而且听说花生也是free flow的就算叫这么大一盘的正餐,也可以慢慢的享受,毕竟这里营业到凌晨1点。

We order 2 Free Flow Ice Lemon Tea(RM6.90) for our drinks, for any soft drinks order here also can be free flow. Actually here is very suitable for one gang of friends to chit chat or watch football togather with some titbits, groundnuts & beer! You can enjoy till late cos they closed on 1am.

View Roadhouse Grill in a larger map  
Add: 18-G-E, Gurney Resort Hotel, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.
Biz Hour: 12pm - 3.30pm, 5.30pm - 1am
 Tel: 04-3701872
GPS: N 5°25' 4.85" E 100°19' 8"

这里还有其他特点哦 Other Features:
1.Live Band on Fri & Sat (当晚我们去时没有)
2.Free Peanut
3.Happy Hour All Night
4.Football Nights

5. Free various Handset Charge

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