Tuesday, September 21, 2010

【槟城美食】Le Montana西餐篇?

第一次到Le Montana时,才发觉他们是星期天休业的。
其实站在Le Montana门口,有点不明白为何门口design不是see through的

When the first time visit Le Montana @ Seberang Jaya, I just notice they closed on Sunday. Until last day of expired date only able to enjoy the meal. From outside of Le Montana, I thought it's a Pub rather than a Restaurant.

走进去之后,waitress就上前问问, 当我们show他们foodmice voucher之后
结果经过一番沟通后,foodmice voucher是valid的
这次voucher不是提供set dinner/lunch而是叫ala carte然后再回扣RM50
选定位子看看menu,没想到种类还蛮多的,多数是western style的。
We walk in Le Montana and show the waitress the voucher but they seems have no idea what is the voucher. After some communication between waitress & their boss, at last, the voucher is valid to use. But this time not set meal but we can order any drinks & ala carte inside the menu then rebate for RM50. After we having out seat and look for the menu, we found that quite a lot of choices here but mostly are western food. So me & Jing decide to order below items:

青青的叶子是薄荷叶mix with lime + kiwi + lemonade。
Jing order mocktail but cant remember the name, it cost RM8/glass. The green "grass" inside the glass actually is mint, quite refreshing and Jing love it but not my taste.

我的是misty crash,也是RM8一杯。是mix lemonade + lime juice + brown sugar。
一个字“酸”,好像“酸柑冰”酱,感觉不到brown sugar的甜。 
I order "Misty Crush", also cost RM8/glass, it's a mixture of Lemonade, lime Juice & brown sugar. But I can taste any sweet from brown sugar, just taste the SOUR.

小晶order的主菜是...我又忘记什么名堂了,RM19一道,boneless drumstick配浓浓的oriental汁,sideline是很特别的salad(萝卜,金针菇和不懂名堂的菜) + 马铃薯泥。马铃薯泥不至于很“泥”,还参杂小小软软的马铃薯。小晶投诉那个salad口感怪怪,我也觉得那个菜很怪,没尝试。
For maincourse, Jing order Boneless Drumstick with Oriental sauce. The sideline is serve togather, it's a salad & mash potato. Jing & I feel that the salad taste weird. This maincourse cost RM19.

我的主菜是Chicken Gordon Bleu,RM20一道。就是鸡肉包着ham配上tar tar sauce,sideline是薯条和小小的mayoniese salad,不过同样不会很重口味。。。
除了味道不够之外遗憾的是他的gordon bleu只是包着ham,并没有香肠或者cheese。。。
Maincourse I'm order is Chicken Gordon Bleu, it cost RM20. It's chicken roll with ham with tar tar sauce, sideline is French Fries with Mayoniese Salad. The chicken is roll with ham only, it's dont have hotdog or cheese that I'm expecting. The environment a bit dark and it's very suitable to chit chat & hang out with friends with some beer or wine.

Le Montana不止提供普通啤酒,红酒和一般超市没卖的外国啤酒也有。当晚多数顾客也是来喝酒和order一些下酒菜罢了。当晚虽然顾客只有4-5位不过我们也等了大约20-30分钟。
Total bill + 5% tax = RM60.50,回扣RM50我们只需要付RM10.50罢了。不过还是第四次谢谢foodmice的voucher啦。。。 
Le Montana not only providing beer, wine or some foreign beers also have. That night, the customer mostly came for drink & some titbits. Although not much customer but we waiting for almost 30minute for our maincourse, it's a bit slow to serve. Total bill + 5% tax is RM60.50,after rebate RM50, we only need to paid RM10.50 only. Thanks for foodmice again...

View Larger Map 地址 Add:15, Jalan Todak 3, Bandar Sunway, 13700 Prai.
预定电话 Tel:04-3902931
营业时间 Biz Hour:11am-12PM
休业日子 Closed on:Sunday
GPS:N5°23'48.8" E100°23'49.8"

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