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关于About Jazz & Trista

我 - Jazz 和太太 - Trista曾参与三次NTV7节目拍摄,接受Melody FM、Ai FM、光华日报访问,还有多篇文章刊登于东方日报、i-时尚杂志、吃风杂志、旅行家杂志等等。

并于2017年,成为KKday - 全亚洲最大旅游行程网站的活动代言人(Event Ambassador)。


关于食在好玩 (饮食旅游生活部落格)

About Eatlicious (A Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blog)

2010 - 2011年
  • 因为Foodmice因为感恩而启蒙了部落格生涯,部落格当时名称为“乐之道”。同时因为热爱槟城而兼职当起了槟城地陪。
  • 部落格初期专注于美食分享,部落各名称转换为“食在好味”。
  • 接受了第一次的商家邀请 - 甜在心糖水屋,也让更多槟城人认识了“食在好味”,该篇甜在心糖水屋文章分享至全马各个角落,文章更突破40千次浏览率
  • 部落格成立一周年,初次报名参加大马中文部落格祭即入围5强
  • 赞助Mylovely Lunch为期1年的广告刊登于部落格。




  • 2010年至今,商家邀请达400家。
  • 韩国部落格文章拥有235千浏览率,面子书分享文章抵达用户超过1,200千次和超过9,000次分享。
  • Lexis Suites Penang拥有180千浏览率,面子书分享文章抵达用户超过1,100千次和超过11,000次分享。
  • 星洲日报邀稿,Ais Tingkap部落格文章刊登于星洲日报。
  • 泰国珍珠岛游记文章刊登于6月份《食尚》杂志。
  • 连续2年唯一中文部落格受邀出席Farquhar Mansion Wine Dinner飨宴
  • 9月澳门蜜月游 - 澳门旅游局赞助。
  • 澳门米其林一星餐厅:大厨The Kitchen - 新葡京酒店赞助体验。
  • 澳门新濠影汇赞助全天吃喝玩乐和演出。
  • 2010年至今,商家邀请达650家。
  • 2月北海道自驾游,新富良野王子酒店赞助滑雪Resort住宿。
  • 3月面子书Followers人数突破125千人,并以每月8千人数增长。
  • 3-4月,澳洲墨尔本FAM旅游 - 澳洲旅游局 & Air Asia X全力赞助。
  • 4月,KKday活动代言人 - #带着爸妈去旅行
  • 7月,北京美食之旅自由行 - Air Asia X全力赞助。
  • 8-9月,韩国深度体验 - KKday全力行程赞助。
  • 9月,受到KKday和Universal Studios Japan邀请,体验万圣节限定活动。
About Jazz & Trista
Eatlicious (or known as Jazzlah) is a Malaysian Food and Travel blog that operate by Jazz & Trista. Eatlicious start blogging since 2010 and now the blog generates more than 100,000 visitors and 320,000 page views per month. (Past 3months average data)

Eatlicious been featured in various of media such as NTV7 (3 times), exclusive interviewed by Melody FM, Ai FM & Kwong Wah Yit Pao, and article feature in Oriental Daily, i-Trend Magazine, Let's Travel Magazine, Traveller's Digest of Malaysia (twice) & etc.

In 2017, we also become KKday - Asia's Largest Travel Itinerary Website's event ambassador.

In 2015-2017, invitation from Thailand, Macao & Australia tourism board to promote local event or unique travel experience. We also strategic partner for hotel chain or guest house.
Now a days, jazzlah.blogspot.com become a well-known food & travel directory for most of the people and also share a lot of travel useful tips to readers.

About Eatlcious
  • Because of foodmice, a food directory website and started my blog. That time my blog named "Fun Way". On the same time, I love Penang and I've been Penang tour guide that time.
  • Blog is focusing more on FOOD and change my blog name to "Eatlicious".
  • First invited review from merchant - Sweet-i and more readers know who am I. The post regarding Sweet-i is share through all over Malaysia, post traffic is reach more than 40,000 views.
  •  Finalist of Malaysia Chinese Blog Awards.

  • Since 2010, invited review from merchant reach 400 merchants.
  • Korea Travel blog post hit more than 235k views and Facebook post reach more than 1,200k users and 9,000shares. 
  • Lexis Suites Penang hit more than 180k views and Facebook post (single post) reach more than 1,100k users and 11,000shares. 
  • Featured Ais Tingkap article in Sin Chew Yit Poh.
  • Thailand Koh Mook travel article feature at 《Foodsion》Magazine.
  • Straight 2 years the only Chinese Blogger exclusively attend Wine Dinner invited by Farquhar Mansion.
  • September Macau Travel - Sponsored by Macao Tourism Malaysia.
  • Macau Michelin ONE Star Restaurant - The Kitchen dining experience sponsor by New Grand Lisboa.
  • Macau Studio City Sponsor ONE day show excess.
  • Since 2010, invited review from merchant reach 650 merchants.
  • Hokkaido self-drive trip, New Furano Prince Hotel sponsor stay.
  • Facebook followers hit 130,000 followers with million of engagement per month.
  • Mar-Apr, invitation FAM trip to Melbourne Australia by Australia Tourism & Air Asia.
  • KKday Event Ambassador - #flywithpama
  • July, invitation Beijing Food Trail Trip by Air Asia X.
  • Aug-Sep, S.Korea trip, ground trip fully support by KKday.
  • Sep, KKday & Universal Studios Japan invitation to USJ Halloween event.