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【槟城美食】Annabelle's Place - 来一个relax下午茶吧!!

要是不熟悉Tanjung Bungah一带的路的朋友,要找到Annabelle's Place的确有点难度,毕竟连GPS的POI也没显示,加上是在住宅区,所以我也是花了好一段时间才找到。
这里大约说说如何到Annabelle's Place吧。相信大家都懂白云山吧?从Jalan Gottlieb (Adventist Hospital那边)一直向前走经过Kampung Masjid和Kampung Belacan(白云山路),直到慢慢上山并走向山路,那条山路听网友说说叫水池路。(Jalan Fettes)一直看到左手边住宅区,外边有Lembah Permai的牌后弯进去直走,那边的店屋区,Annabelle's Place就在那边。
For those who are not familiar Tanjung Bungah area sure will have some problem to find Annabelle's Place cos even my GPS POI not showing. I roughly explain how to get there. From Goottlieb Road (near Adventist Hospital) then go through Traffic Light to Mount Erskine Road and go straight will pass Kampung Masjid & Kampung Belacan then you will find that slowly towards uphill road. Just go straight until you saw your left hand side have a Taman call Lembah Permai. Annabelle's Place just inside Taman Lembah Permai.

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营业时间 Biz Hour:11.30am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm (Tue - Fri), 11.30am - 10pm (Sat & Sun) (Close on Mon)
地址 Add:10, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang.
电话 Tel:04-8901098
GPS:N05°27'17.9“ E100°17'26.4”

Annabelle's Place正对面就是草场和休闲跑步区,在我们离开时,好多uncle来这里跑步。Annabelle's Place是带点英式的餐馆,很适合哪一区的环境,偶尔下午来Hi-Tea一下挺写意的。。。

Opposite Annabelle's Place is a big field & recreation area. When the time we leave, so many uncle aunty come to jogging. Annabelle's place is a British style cafe and it's fit that area. Just imagine come and hi-tea here, quite relax huh?


The interior decoration is British style, all the chairs & table seems like that rich people locate at their big garden & enjoy hi-tea.


When turn night, the starry light will light on...

在门外驻守的“门神” =P,两尊农夫叔叔的patung在入口处迎接客人

There is two "Door God" that welcome the guest =P


The menu, before enter probably can have a look ...

星期二和四晚上是Ladies Night哦,女生免费饮料一杯。

Every Tues & Thurs night was Lady's night, ladies can get free drinks.

这就是Annabelle's Place赞助的Windsor Tea for Two。(原价RM35.90)

They sponsor Windsor Tea for Two, original cost RM35.90, the set include a pot of tea & a set hi-tea for two.

很有礼貌的服务员小姐供我们选择3种英式茶分别有English Breakfast, Earl Grey和Darjeeling。我不是会品茶的人,选择了香味浓郁不会那么酸涩的earl grey。

The choices of tea have English Breakfast, Earl Grey&Darjeeling but I'm not those know how to drink tea so we just cincai pick Earl Grey.


The hi-tea set include some fruits, biscuits, scone, sandwich & cakes.


A set of hi-tea make the afternoon become so relax. The tauke soh was very pretty & also congrat us that winning the voucher.

更多美食资料可以参考 More on: http://foodmice.blogspot.com/2010/11/annabelles-place-reviewed-by-jazz.html

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